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JW Agencies has introduced a service where the sale of used equipment can be carried out between an intended seller and an intended buyer using JW Agencies as a broker or an intermediary.

The purpose of this is to ensure that both buyer and seller are safeguarded against any fraudulent activities between two unknown parties.

The principle is simple. The seller supplies all the details about the equipment that he wishes to move. The more details the better. An accompanying photograph along with the serial number and manufactured date is also advisable.

JW Agencies advertises the product through trade magazines and email. At this stage the seller is anonymous. A prospective buyer is located and the negotiations are put in place.

On completed negotiations, the equipment is made ready for dispatch. The agreed amount for the purchase price is paid to JW Agencies. At this time the title for the equipment is changed to the purchaser and the goods are allowed to be transported. It must be remembered that the ownership of the goods is now with the purchaser and the responsibility for the freight and insurance is on the account of the purchaser.

Once the goods are loaded on transport and there is no manner of negating the sale the seller is paid the amount less the commission charged.

The commission charged to the seller is 5% of the item price or $100 whichever is the greatest.

JW Agencies can arrange shipping, finance, commissioning and any other services at reasonable costs. We have experienced technicians and electricians at our disposal for any operation.

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60x40 drying racks
50 tray spring-loaded drying racks in excellent condition. Solid trays and strong castors are the selling points of these racks. We have two in stock. Asking price $800 + GST available ex Silverwater

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Truvac Vacuum Table
This swivel vacuum exposing table will need a new rubber blanket, which of course we can supply. With a Thomas vacuum pump and a glass area of 1800 x 2200 mm it is valued at $1500 + GST ex Silverwater. Why not buy a light source as well?

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Stainless Steel Wash out trough

This backlit wash out trough is 1800 mm long and 1600 mm wide. It is made of stainless steel so it wont rust There may be a bit of work with the polycarbonate diffuser panel. Maybe we could replace it of maybe use it as it is. This is priced at $3,000.00 +GST ex Silverwater

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