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Australian Made Chemistry

To assist the local industry, to keep costs prices stable and to allow the screen industry to support locally made products,
JW Agencies have introduced a range of screen washes, screen cleaners, dehazing products, degreasing and stripping products for the screen printing industry.

Wherever possible, flash point, toxicological and environmental properties are taken into consideration to give the printer the "safest" product for the operation. All chemicals are deemed dangerous and care should be taken in the storage and use of any chemicals.

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Autotype International

The Makers of Five Star, the world's easiest to use indirect film, Autotype has a complete range of films and emulsions to satisfy the printer. This English company also has a product for the direct imaging of positives through a laser printer.

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Ulano Corporation

The Ulano Corporation markets more different types of direct emulsions worldwide than the next two biggest stencil manufacturers combined.

Utilising several different sensitiser and polymer combinations, Ulano produces direct emulsions specifically designed for every type of screen printing application.

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Kissel & Wolf (Kiwo)

Kissel & Wolf (KIWO) are a leading manufacturer of chemical products for screen making and screen printable adhesives. We offer a complete line of screen making products including Azocol, Kiwocol and Polycol photo emulsions, Cleanline for environmentally safe screen cleaning, Kiwoprint and other specialty screen printable adhesives, and Kiwomat high precision coating machines.

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The Sefar Group offers a wide range of high quality, precision fabrics for screen printing and filtration processes. Sefar also provides complementary products and services to create solutions.

Ulon Squeegees

Ulon Squeegees have been manufactured by Unitex Ltd for over 25 years and are known for their consistently high quality and performance. The Ulon Squeegee is excellent for use in solvent based and UV reactive links.

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REMCO application technology stands out due to its reliability, speed, flexibility, special competence and customer friendliness. The well trained REMCO technicians offer competent assistance rapidly and
unconventionally, particularly in the implementation and application of environmentally friendly auxiliary and operational materials containing a low level of harmful substances – in conjunction with environment working safety oriented process technologies that makes considerate use of resources combined with low-level emission.

This exemplary range of products and services for the screen printing industry was conceived for the operation and control of automatic screen cleaning equipment, distilling units, circulation water systems and waste water purification plants and is of utmost importance for the user.

       varioclean_eng       The multifunctional VARIOCLEAN Technology is a combined method for ink removal, stencil decoating  and mesh degreasing in easy and time saving steps.

With this new and future oriented screen reclaiming method the use of flammable organic screen cleaner and aggressive haze remover chemicals for ink removing is not longer necessary.

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  JW Agencies carries a range of suitable low emission REMCO chemistry for the manual and automatic cleaning of Screen frames.

Ask about "All in One" cleaning of screens.

Clean ink from Screens; decoat screens and degrease screens in one action. It is worth a demonstration

Screen Printing Inks

JW Agencies is fortunate to have an agency working relationship with the majority of ink suppliers in Australia. From textile, plastisol, graphic and UV inks we are able to offer a suitable product.

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