Consultancy Services

Stretching Service

At our Silverwater factory there are three movable stretching tables equipped with SST pneumatic clamps. We are able to provide a stretching service at competitive prices for all frames from 150 x 150 mm up to 5 mtrs x 2.00 mtrs. We have Swiss polyester mesh available from 10 lines per cm up to 180-27.

New Aluminium Frames

With available profiles of aluminium from 20 x 20 mm to 100 x 50 mm we are able to provide screen frames to suit any machine or any size. Using mitred welded corners we are able to give maximum strength. For smaller frame size with maximum strength ask about our "one weld" and Centurion frames. These frames are made from either 25 x 25 mm or 25 x 38mm aluminium that the corners are cold bent. Being cold bent, there is no heating of the aluminium therefore there is no loss of strength of the metal.

Water Waste Advisory Service

We have the facility to consult with the screen printer to assist in the disposing of wastewater and solvent refuse. The Water Board and Trade Waste Authority are extremely conscious of the damage that screen printers can do the environment. As most waste can be filtered or separated we offer economical solutions to overcome the extremely heavy fines for polluting.

Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association of Australia.

The SGIAA is an industry-based association of screen printers. Through amalgamation with other like bodies in America and Europe this association is able to give you the answer to all screen printing problems, environmental issues and government issues. As a member of this association you are able to direct link to the SGIAA  members' only website and have your questions answered by leading experts in screen printing.

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There is always someone there to help.

Screen Printing Consultants

With over 24 years in the screen printing industry JW Agencies has consultants that can help you with your screen printing problems.

Australian owned and Australian managed, JW Agencies has a commitment to supply quality products and services to the Screen Printer. Whether it is a touch up brush or the latest in screen printing equipment we have the infrastructure to obtain all items at competitive prices.

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